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  • Keeping track of each step of the training process
  • Theory and work scheduling via drag & drop in the calendar
  • Absence traffic light
  • Grade management and report card creation
  • Direct communication online and with the app
  • Entire solution available in English
  • Digital report portfolio, evaluations and performance records

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Kundenstimme IMS Gear
easySoft is the perfect solution for our training management. Our needs could be individually integrated in the software.
Uwe Wälde, Training Management, IMS Gear SE & Co. KGaA // Donaueschingen, Germany
With increasing confidence, we became more and more effective by using easySoft in our daily work because we can manage our workflows with customized data fields and reports. At easySoft, there is no standing still. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are welcome, making it possible to contribute to any changes. That makes work fun!
Mute-Elisabeth Siedhoff, Teacher for Nursing Professions, IT Coordination // UKSH Akademie // Lübeck, Germany
Kundenstimme Uhlmann
We like the fact that easySoft really is easy and that they are continuously developing based on demands from us users.
Michaela Freudigmann // Training Assistant, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG // Laupheim, Germany
After working with a different school administration program for three years, we switched to easySoft. Since then, working with this program has become a natural part of our routine that we wouldn't want to miss. We do not know of any other school administration program that offers similar possibilities.
Horst Schmitt, Assistant School Director // Schulzentrum für Pflegeberufe // Frankenberg, Germany

Training Management from A to Z

Candidate Management

  • Perfect interaction with easySoft's recruiting solution
  • Easy transfer of the final candidates into the training course

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Practical training scheduling

  • Definition of fields/departments per direction of study
  • Well-structured scheduling: graphical representation and list views of the assignments
  • Compilation of practical syllabuses and learning goals
  • Flexible adjustments (drag & drop, multiple changes)

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Theoretical training scheduling

  • Import of standard curricula
  • Definition of personal syllabuses and curricula
  • Class scheduling – everything at a glance: Which room is free? When is the instructor free? Which topics still have to be covered?

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Training organization

  • Record reviews, performance assessments and examination results
  • Schedule and document practical training units
  • Manage absenteeism
  • Courses can also be offered as eLearning courses

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  • Online graph overview of the scheduling for a particular participant or work area
  • Access performance records and absences online
  • All important information for trainees in the easySoft. App
  • Information and changes via serial e-mail or push messages

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Quality assurance / Knowledge transfer

  • Online report portfolio
  • Evaluation according to the training parameters
  • Documentation of instructors' teaching credentials
  • Exchange of teaching material with instructors and participants

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Evaluations and data protection

  • Customized reports, evaluations and statistics
  • Capacity rates for each field or department
  • Evaluation of grades
  • Trainee assessment and much more
  • Data protection tool performs cleanup actions

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Meike González, Hannah Oettinger, Raphael Schuldt, Sandra Lischka, Michael Jantner (v.l.n.r.)


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Training Management made easy

The optimal training management software

The intuitive and well-laid-out user interfaces make the first-class easySoft products easy to use and optimize your daily work activities. As a matter of fact, our practice-oriented training manager for educational institutions, trade and commerce is characterized by its high versatility. Our in-depth expertise is always incorporated into the further development of our innovations. You too can benefit from a proven software that will help advance your processes.

The ultimate software for organizing your training activities

While developing our training management solutions, all the little details were particularly important to us. We are committed to integrating numerous functions into one software and ensuring simplicity of use. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with our software right from the beginning so as to lighten your daily workload and enable you to oversee participant management, scheduling, curricula management and candidate management with ease. Take control of everything with one software – with the easySoft premium solutions: room scheduling, resource and media management, work and practical training scheduling, absences, certificates and performance records.
Any number of training and further education courses as well as additional educational institutions can be organized perfectly. Individual design and flexible assignment of access rights are also easily configured.

The best solution for training scheduling

There is almost no getting around our solution for training management, if you want to steer your educational institution or organizational unit in the right direction. We thought of everything while developing this impressive product. You will be amazed how versatile our planning tool is and how easy scheduling becomes. For example with the following:

  • The easySoft. App Education: all important information readily accessible
  • The online report portfolio: for well-documented evidence of formal qualifications
  • The new CV parsing technology: Record candidate data in seconds.

If the automation of administrative processes and the perfection of internal workflows are especially important to you, then you can count on the product developed by our experienced team of software experts. Scheduling and transfer errors will be avoided and the quality of the range of educational opportunities will increase significantly. With our attractive software for educational institutions, trade and commerce, we can help you handle complex workflows more quickly and easily. Our goal is to eliminate your bottlenecks competently. And if new demands arise, just ask! Would you like to find out more?  Don't hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to provide you with competent and in-depth information.