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Reliability and Support That Make the Difference Emmendingen Nursing School has been using easySoft for almost 20 years

Never change a running system – the Schule für Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege (Nursing School) in Emmendingen abides by this motto in an important area of the school's management. Since 1999, the nursing training has been organized using software from easySoft. In addition to tangible facts such as continuously increasing product quality, high reliability and good customer service, e.g. through the quick and competent hotline, School Director Reinhard Lay also values the exemplary corporate culture of the Metzingen-based company, "I have the impression that the employees work with conviction."

Currently, 100 nurses are being trained in three classes for two hospitals – the district hospital and the Center for Psychiatry Emmendingen. With more than 30 young adults, the three classes are relatively large but they are each closely supervised by two class teachers.

These teachers also play an important role in the use of the software, as each of them has full access to all relevant data. "The class teachers enter all grades for their own students themselves. Thus, they always have an overview of grade fluctuations and can react quickly," says the trained nursing educator, healthcare manager and School Director.

The students, in turn, have the advantage that they receive their schedules with school hours and all practical training sections on the clinical and psychiatric wards for the entire three years already in the third week of training. The class schedules are sent to them by email as PDF files. This enables the students, for example, to plan individual holidays or night shifts in due time.

In addition to the eight teachers and 90 practical instructors, 75 honorary lecturers accompany the students. These are mainly specialists from the two clinics: From diabetes counselors to de-escalation trainers, the students receive first-hand theoretical and practical knowledge in all the specialist fields. The time-tested software for school administration makes organizational activities easier for Mr. Lay and the school secretary. "When I gain a medical specialist as a new instructor, for example, all I initially need for the school administration software is his name. And then I can already schedule the first lesson dates with him," reports Reinhard Lay. The software is both practical and very flexible. When other important information is added subsequently, such as address, email address, telephone number or bank details, this data can be quickly transferred to Word serial letters, for example. When an instructor enters in the class register that he or she has held a class and which students were absent, the secretary can then prepare the monthly statement with just a few clicks and have the instructor's fee transferred.

The software is both practical and very flexible.
Reinhard Lay, School Director

Only ten individuals, the School Director, his deputy, the secretary and the instructors have access to important data and have complete write access rights. When new instructors join the staff, they are initially granted reading rights only. Not until they have attended a training course do they receive editing rights for relevant data.

The school, which is located in an historical castle in the middle of an idyllic park, also has the easySoft training flat rate. "Because the instructors work so intensively with the program, it is important to me that they can receive continued training in it as needed," says the School Director. In addition to the academy in Berlin, the fact that the office in Bretten, which is much closer, has also been offering such courses for several years, is ideal for the school located in Emmendingen.

Textbook author, Reinhard Lay, is proud of the school library and the separate teachers' library, which with 3300 volumes is one of the largest libraries for the field of nursing. This library is also managed using the software. All books are keyworded, so students, teachers, guest instructors and employees from both clinics can use a library computer to quickly and easily research titles, authors and topics. The administration office records borrowing and returns using easySoft. Education. And if the desired volumes have already been lent out, the software can identify who has the books at home.


Meike González, Hannah Oettinger, Raphael Schuldt, Sandra Lischka, Michael Jantner (v.l.n.r.)


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