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For 25 years, easySoft has been developing high-performance software solutionsfor training management, seminar management and HR development.

It decisions require vision. We can provide you with a complete solution for managing the educational activities in your company. We are your reliable partner and specialist when it comes to HR software for education and competency management for both your own employees and external participants alike.

easySoft stands for consistent, successful relationships with more than 1,387 customers predominantly in German-speaking countries. A significant majority of our users in the fields of education management and HR development have been with us for many years. Mutual trust has grown – the most important prerequisite for any successful cooperation. Our energy and know-how goes into helping our customers reach their own goals with ease and efficiency. Quite a few of our developments and activities are groundbreaking.

And in the future, we want to remain at the forefront of the industry. What drives us forward? As people change and develop, we are constantly faced with new challenges. Mastering these challenges not only for our customers but also in collaboration with them is what motivates us. HR software – easy for people.


We are a company that not only knows but also anticipates the customers' desires and requirements. This allows us to develop leading products and services for domestic and international markets.

A culture of trust in which teams are not built on positions but according to strengths leads to passionate and self-motivated employees, to the promotion of innovation and to excellent results.

Customers value and esteem the quality of products, processes and services of the easySoft brand, which also includes assuming social and societal responsibility.

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Ten million people per year develop their strengths and talents by participating in appropriate educational measures that are organized through our software.

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Our values

Best performance

Humanity and Health

Growth and Development

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Corporate culture I.

We are a company guided by Christian values and currently total 90 colleagues who support, promote and cultivate the value of friendship – among colleagues and customers alike. As a leading provider of software solutions for education management and HR development, we value excellent results that are the product of outstanding teamwork. This is based on a foundation of trust, earned through serving others.

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Corporate culture II.

Long-term and successful cooperation depends on each and every individual being able to contribute their strengths, develop their passions and feel valued for what they have to offer. easySoft customers know that employees share the same values, identify themselves with the brand, only want the best, work together to develop their potential and thus excel themselves.

We follow the Nuremberg Declaration of the Christian Leadership Congress 2011.

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We are here for you

Andreas Nau
Strategische Geschäftsführung

Wilfried Hahn
Geschäftsführung Forschung Innovation

Friedhelm Seiler
Operative Geschäftsführung

Annika Krais
Assistenz Vertrieb

Wolf Dausien

Michael Jürgens
Senior-Berater | Schulung

André Fälker
Senior-Berater | Schulung

Matthias Zeltwanger
Beratung | Schulung | Akademieleitung

Hannah Unnasch
Beratung | Vertrieb

Get to know the whole team

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Miriam Kaiser, Softwareentwicklung

my easySoft

When it comes to our projects in the software development team, we all pull together and have the same goals in focus. Each person is able to use his or her strengths where they are most useful. Being part of such a team is a lot of fun!
Miriam Kaiser, Software Development

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Daniel Hartmann, Marketing

my easySoft

At easySoft, I find that the corporate philosophy corresponds to my own personal values. It's not just some nice PR instrument – it's part of everyday life here!
Daniel Hartmann, Marketing

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Daniel Stanszus, Bereichsleitung Customer Experience Center, Produktmanagement

my easySoft

The vision and values of easySoft aren't just written on a homepage or on a wall. They are actively put into practice and also nurtured in the teams.
Daniel Stanszus, Department Manager, Customer Experience Center, Product Marketing

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Social Responsibility

easySoft in Pictures

Working at easySoft

We at easySoft are real team players and value our customers and colleagues. We are enthusiastic and strive for the best.
For 25 years, we have been developing high-performance software solutions for training management, seminar management and HR development. Would you like to be part of the team too?

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