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Optimized Workflows Klinikum Schloss Winnenden uses easySoft for HR Development

Since the Klinikum Schloss Winnenden (Castle Winnenden Clinic) started working with easySoft products, the workday has completely changed for the HR managers. Whereas everything had to be entered manually in Excel lists and tables before, now they are able to get a large part of their job done significantly quicker. This has reduced the amount of work by half and freed resources that can be invested specifically in the HR development of the employees. The Zentrum für Psychiatrie Winnenden (Center for Psychiatry Winnenden) employs approximately 1000 people in 60 professional groups. Each year, the human resource department offers about 200 further education courses.

Silvia Lindner and her boss Christian Graziosa rely on a wide range of further education and training measures to maintain the knowledge base of their nursing staff, doctors and administrative staff at a consistently high and up-to-date level. "Since deciding on easySoft in 2012, we have been able to post our courses and seminars on the intranet in a very clear and well-organized manner,'" reports the HR manager, Silvia Lindner. This has enabled her to provide employees with targeted further education.

The transparency of the program is one of the great advantages it offers the hospital in its daily functioning. Every employee, from the cook to the secretary to the doctor, can get an overview of the complete seminar program on the intranet and select the appropriate topics. Then, the supervisor can register the employee for the course directly via easySoft. Publish. At present, about 35 supervisors have the appropriate rights for registering their employees.

Another benefit of the program is that the HR department and supervisors can quickly get an overview of the current training situation. The skills that have already been acquired are listed so that the supervisors can plan further measures in a targeted manner. "We want to systematically train our employees and give them the opportunity to pursue a career in our clinic. We too are feeling the growing shortage of skilled workers," says the Director of HR, Christian Graziosa.

By further developing their own employees at a consistently high level, the Center is trying to counteract the threatening staff shortage. Mr. Graziosa continues, "In the future, we will be able to see at a glance how we can support individual employees in their career planning and what measures they can take to advance their training." In addition, a supervisor who takes on a new employee from another department can use the software to gain a quick picture of his or her skills and employ him or her accordingly."

With the software component Publish, an up-to-date overview of the courses on offer is available to every employee. Not only does easySoft provide support in this area, but the program also handles all administrative tasks, from compiling the courses and registering employees through to reporting and issuing participation certificates.

When the Center for Psychiatry decided on the easySoft solution for human resource development three years ago, the easySoft. Education software had already been in use since 2001 in the educational center for the Winnenden Clinic. Nevertheless, it was still necessary for the HR staff to familiarize themselves in detail with the program. Twice, the IT service provider sent employees to train the HR staff at their own workplace. In this personal environment, there was enough time to respond to individual questions. The initial effort was worthwhile – once the necessary data was fed into the program, it saved so much time. Conclusion: working without easySoft is now inconceivable.

Simultaneously with the individual training of the HR staff, an IT employee at the clinic trained those managers authorized to use the program. For difficult technical problems concerning the easySoft software, there is also a support hotline. "The support staff are always very friendly, competent and willing to help. So far, they have always been able to provide a solution quickly."


Meike González, Hannah Oettinger, Raphael Schuldt, Sandra Lischka, Michael Jantner (v.l.n.r.)


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