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Candidate Management Software for job offers, vocational training and higher education

Define new positions and enter all job specifications and requirements. Post internal and external job offers according to your own personal requirements. The multiposting interface enables you to post on your favorite job exchanges quickly and effortlessly, whereby staggered internal and external publication is made just as easy as candidate assessment.

The customized online form included in the candidate management software guides applicants through the recruitment process with ease. In order to simplify candidate selection, you can also include an applicant self-assessment in the recruitment process. This allows you to rank the applications as soon as you receive them according to your criteria. Thanks to state-of-the-art CV parsing technology, applicants can apply conveniently by uploading their CV. It also allows the relevant department to collect applicant details from e-mails and paper applications in a matter of seconds.

Further highlights of the candidate management software include the action buttons. They accelerate the process and facilitate communication. With an e-mail template and the simple touch of a button, it is possible to invite all selected candidates for an interview. The process is simplified even further by making candidate data available online for selected departments. In this way, employees from the departments can assess the candidates and give their open feedback.


  • Create a personalized candidate workflow easily
  • Multiposting on up to 200 job exchanges
  • Online application including CV upload (CV parsing)
  • Obtain assessments from the department selected
  • Shorter processing times and facilitated communication with multiple candidates

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testimonials from our customers

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easySoft is an incredibly versatile program with great opportunities for use in the education and further education sector. The support team is always friendly and available for troubleshooting. Especially valuable for me are the user conferences for developing personal contacts with easySoft and other users.
Aje Bardehle, Zentralschule für Gesundheitsberufe St. Hildegard GmbH // Münster, Germany
easySoft has a nursing school program that covers all aspects of the complex administration of the school. The program offers an almost inexhaustible range of possibilities, which can be used as required.
Friedbert Winarske, Assistant School Director // Klinikum der Stadt Wolfsburg // Wolfsburg, Germany
Since the skills and strengths of our employees are bundled and centrally available in the program, our HR Development or ward managers can access the information directly and promote the further training of employees on an individual basis.
Stephan Spies, Director of the Martha-Maria Training Center, Diakonie Martha-Maria e.V. // Nuremberg, Germany
We like the fact that easySoft really is easy and that they are continuously developing based on demands from us users.
Michaela Freudigmann, Training Assistant, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG // Laupheim, Germany
After working with a different school administration program for three years, we switched to easySoft. Since then, working with this program has become a natural part of our routine that we wouldn't want to miss. We do not know of any other school administration program that offers similar possibilities.
Horst Schmitt, Assistant School Director // Schulzentrum für Pflegeberufe // Frankenberg, Germany
easySoft is the perfect solution for our training management. Our needs could be individually integrated in the software.
Uwe Wälde, Training Management, IMS Gear SE & Co. KGaA // Donaueschingen, Germany
easySoft is constantly developing its products as well as itself as a company and readily accepts suggestions from users. Furthermore, I appreciate the competence and friendliness of easySoft employees – working together on projects is goal-oriented and based on trust.
Elvira Berkemeyer, Product Manager, LVR-InfoKom // Team Youth, Schools and Integration

Candidate Management Software from A to Z

Determine application process

  • Enter any number of phases with intermediate steps
  • Create and assign communication and assessment forms
  • Determine assessment criteria
  • Create your own features

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Define job advertisements

  • Define the job advertisement freely
  • Determine recruiting teams / departments
  • Link the contact person
  • Provide an image to include in the advertisement header

2 / 8

Online application

  • Free design of the recruitment board – adaptable to your corporate design
  • Simplified application option with résumé/CV upload (CV parsing)
  • Easy-to-use interface

3 / 8


  • Appropriate self-assessment for the advertized position
  • Targeted query concerning experience and qualifications


4 / 8

Record applications

  • Quick and easy transfer of applications to the system via e-mail
  • Completion of the candidate profile through CV parsing
  • Send self-assessment URL via serial e-mail

5 / 8

Candidate selection

  • Departments have access to relevant candidate information
  • Simple communication between HR and department
  • Feedback to HR as a basis for the decision-making process
  • Customizable evaluation forms and interview guidelines

6 / 8


  • Wide range of serial e-mail templates, ex. interview invitation, contract creation
  • Serial e-mail templates can be used for multiple jobs
  • Fall-back function: letters automatically printed for candidates without an e-mail address

7 / 8

Reports and evaluations

  • Comprehensive statistics, evaluations and reports facilitate the selection of top candidates
  • Customized reports can be shown in the dashboard
  • Automatic cleanup of candidate data

8 / 8

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Candidate Management made easy

Software for easy candidate management and straightforward employee selection

Our software solution will make your candidate management much more transparent and better adapted to the specifics of your company. Streamline the lengthy selection process and rely on a modern e-recruiting approach. Not only will you simplify your daily workload, but you will also be able to offer your applicants a better candidate experience, which is a significant advantage in the increasingly competitive war of talent. Be one step ahead in the demand for skilled professionals when you allow the candidate management software from easySoft to help you in finding the right employees.

Individual and digital candidate management

Our recruiting software enables you to save all job specifications and requirements for new positions and design suitable job advertisements for all departments in your own corporate design. Staggered internal and external publication is made just as easy as candidate assessment. Use the integrated multiposting interface for greater reach: Publish your job advertisements on up to 200 job exchanges. The candidate management software from easySoft makes it all possible!

E-recruiting: More transparency for HR managers and applicants

By customizing the online form, it is possible to request only the data that is relevant for a particular position. Simplify the process of compiling candidate data using the latest CV parsing technology (CV upload) and guide your candidates comfortably through the application process. This reduces the bounce rate of your applicants.

You can also have the applicants provide a self-assessment as part of their application to simplify your candidate selection process. Furthermore, it is possible to invite all interesting candidates to an interview at the simple touch of a button. This software puts the fun into candidate management!

Candidate management with the individual departments

The easySoft "Trusted Solution 2019" makes it easier for you to collaborate with the individual departments in your institution since you can make any interesting candidate details available online. The assessments and honest feedback received from the departments in the candidate management software facilitate the selection process and reduce the risk of making wrong decisions.

Enter the future of modern recruiting and let the easySoft recruiting solutions help you find the perfect candidates for your company and your jobs.

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