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Ms. Monski, why did you decide on easySoft?

TANJA MONSKI: About three years ago, our database was no longer sufficient. That's why we were searching for software that suited our organization and our structure. Renafan is a service provider for outpatient and inpatient nursing services as well as senior citizen care services at 40 locations throughout Germany. We have to verify and plan the educational qualifications for about 1400 specialists and managers in the nursing sector. We also offer around 180 courses covering some 80 different educational topics at our own academy every year. We want to have an overview of all this and be able to keep it organized.

Was easySoft the only solution?

TANJA MONSKI: No, we spoke with several providers and took a look at their solutions. But both of my colleagues and I felt we were in better hands with easySoft. Above all else, the facts spoke in favor of easySoft because the software is very flexible and could be adapted to our aforementioned complex needs. We wanted to optimize our work processes and not have to put new structures in place. A number of competing products already fell through at this point. It was also important to us that easySoft speaks the language of nursing and care provision. As far as I know, the Managing Director, Andreas Nau, was himself a nursing manager many years ago. And we were treated
in a friendly and customer-oriented manner by all employees over the three-year period. Now I can definitely say that it was the correct decision.

Which concrete advantages do you have, Ms. Franke?

NICOLE FRANKE: When we organize the class schedule and the courses we have one software that covers everything. We do not have to bother with Excel, Word or any other programs. We can map the entire course organization: from instructors, participants and rooms to materials and the necessary technology. We can prepare and forward all information, invoices and course certificates with the simplest of commands. No more long searches, no more errors caused by transferring from one program to another. That was a quantum leap for us.

Do you have another example, Ms. Plep?

SANDRA PLEP: Maybe a very simple one. Individual Renafan locations also carry out employee training, but submit the documents afterwards, so that we can subsequently register these courses and handle all the formalities. We save almost a quarter of an hour per course with 20 participants and no longer have any errors. However, we only came to this conclusion after speaking to a consultant and updating the software.

NICOLE FRANKE: This has generally been our experience: The limits of the software are our own time resources. In the first one and a half years, we eliminated several interim solutions and only since then have we really been using the program properly. Our experience has shown that user conferences and training courses are worthwhile because they allow us to make full use of the complete package. It is a coherent program with straightforward handling and a user-friendly interface. Whenever we encountered any problems, the qualified and customer-oriented hotline quickly helped us.

How do you use the acquired knowledge strategically?

TANJA MONSKI: Since we have a clear overview of the courses and scheduling, we take a look at the upcoming courses at our weekly jour fixe, for example. If course enrollment is low, we can advertise again internally and externally. Each additional participant makes the course more cost effective. If enrollment is so low that we have to cancel the course, we are able to inform the participants sooner, so that they can plan the necessary further education course more quickly. That is better service. Our annual planning can be optimized. Before we plan the next year's courses, we look at the course fill rate. We can react accordingly by offering one less course on a subject that was not so popular and perhaps two more on subjects where there was a waiting list.

Have you gone as far as you can with easySoft now?

TANJA MONSKI: No. The next important step will be to make full use of the opportunities for HR development. Starting with documenting employee performance reviews and continuing through to mapping career paths for individual employees. Our employees require a certain amount of standard training that constantly has to be updated. We are able to see what is happening with each individual and whether something is missing. There is a practical traffic-light system with green, yellow and red for this purpose.


Meike González, Hannah Oettinger, Raphael Schuldt, Sandra Lischka, Michael Jantner (v.l.n.r.)


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