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Strategist Klimov Lays Down the Tracks for Maximum Benefit The Malteser Education Center in Aachen processes 20,000 participant days

When Sergej Klimov converted the seminar management system of the Malteser School in Aachen to easySoft in 2008, he was already an old hand when it came to administrative management. For ten years, the engineer for board control systems had already been managing the entire range of courses, participants and rooms with a program he wrote himself. "easySoft is a professional administration program," is how the 58-year-old explains the change. It really makes a big difference, whether he is the only one responsible for the further development of his program or an entire company. The software from easySoft is built on significantly better and more reliable foundations.

The Deputy Director of the Education Center, who comes from Kiev, draws on his experience to highlight a whole range of advantages in favor of easySoft. For example, the universality that makes it possible to process medical or computer training courses and vocational training all in the same program. Or that the software is installed centrally on a server in Hamburg. This allows Malteser employees from all ten educational institutions to work with the system – even if they are on the train. Or that the current 53,122 contacts only have to be entered once. If a participant registers for the second, third or tenth time, regardless of whether the course is offered in Aachen or Regensburg, the contact details only require updating at the very most.

This has made Klimov a real easySoft fan. Especially because the Metzingen-based company responds to customer requests and is quick to implement them. As an example, with more than 50,000 people taking courses for rescue workers or paramedics, further medical training or certified trauma courses, there is more than just one Hans Müller or Susanne Schmidt. In the past, data was cross-checked manually, but duplicates still occurred. "That was very tedious," remembers Klimov, and requested a practical solution to the problem. Since then, it has been made easy to compare names and dates of birth. This saves time and reduces the error rate for all users.

At present, about 4000 participants use the educational offers in Aachen alone every year. These can be one-day training courses or three-year training courses, which is why the school in Aachen prefers to refer to 20,000 participant days as the days they manage. Some training courses do of course take place repeatedly, such as cardiac massage or driver training. Instead of entering the complete description multiple times, the administrative office only has to change the date and location of the seminar – an additional 20 courses can then go online within two minutes.

"Our database was effective, but with easySoft, we easily save another 50 percent."
Sergej Klimov, Deputy Director of the Malteser Education Center

Since Malteser uses the Publish module, participants can register online. The requests then flow automatically into the system. If a Hans Müller logs in, his registration is cross-checked as described above; if he enters a new address and telephone number, the data can be updated quickly. With a single click, the letter of invitation is sent to the customer together with a course description and the invoice. Each year, colleagues write some 15,000 invoices totaling millions of euros. "It's almost child's play," Klimov is pleased to say, since the time and personnel involved have been significantly reduced. "Our database was effective," says Klimov, "but with easySoft, we easily save another 50 percent." However, the old pro is also pretty cunning: "Users have to think very carefully about what they want to accomplish with seminar management and thus how they would like to set it up." Figuratively speaking, the system lays down the tracks – and the more sophisticated the system, the faster the work processes can run.

For this reason, he makes sure that his employees receive regular training. In Aachen, 15 employees use easySoft and in the whole of Germany, there are 80 users. His goal is to fully integrate all the Malteser schools in Germany. The larger the organization, the more important training courses are to him, because those who are not well acquainted with the system can "litter" the database. This makes the whole program more and more confusing and errors are almost impossible to find in the sheer amount of data. Another example: In the easySoft software, users can easily create additional fields, e.g. a participant is a wheelchair user or is accompanied by another person. In principle it makes sense, but if each of the 80 users would create their "own" additional fields (i.e. create shortcuts), the system would also slow down. That is where Klimov can become strict and very meticulous: "We want to be the Cambridge of emergency services". Not only the German Armed Forces and the Johanniter, for example, have their emergency workers trained in Aachen, but also corporations such as VW and Bayer. The quality of the training courses begins with advertisement and registration.

"We want to be the Cambridge of emergency services."
Sergej Klimov, Deputy Director of the Malteser Education Center

Malteser is just as structured when it comes to their current 558 instructors as with their participants. If the courses are going to be offered, Klimov very specifically targets the instructors who are appropriate for the respective field. Often, he can also limit the search regionally because his database "knows" that certain instructors only want to teach in Aachen. Once the course has been held, the instructor's fee is paid with just a few clicks of the mouse. Depending on the requirements, the courses are remunerated differently. The fact that this too has become an automatic feature of the program is also due to one of Klimov's suggestions.

Sergej Klimov has performed 31 updates over the past ten years. But that should now come to an end: An internal IT service provider will take over administrator tasks, so that he can concentrate on other tasks as Deputy Director of the Education Center. He plans to digitize employee HR development using easySoft software. And the engineer still has another vision. The Aachen University Hospital Conference with up to 500 visitors might also be organized via easySoft. Participants will receive a download with their registration, so that on the day of the conference the admission ticket can be read from their mobile phone just like at the airport and after the event, participants will be sent their certificate as a digital document.



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