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easySoft Supports HR Development at SLK-Kliniken The medical centers value transparency and reliability

Every year, Antje Simone Haase ascertains the training needs of all the departments of the SLK-Kliniken Heilbronn in order to devise a tailor-made further education and training program for a total of 4200 employees. Employee reviews, in which managers determine the employee's potential and the necessary professional and personal training requirements, are key for the HR manager. In addition, there are numerous mandatory training courses that have to be updated regularly as well as the operational health management requirements.

"easySoft provides a very transparent traffic-light system, which immediately gives me and my four colleagues a clear overview of whether someone has fulfilled all of their training requirements," according to Ms. Haase, who has been the head of HR development for five years. A green dot in the database means that the employee has attended all the stipulated seminars. Yellow means that the employee will have to attend a particular course in the near future, while red indicates an acute need for action. Clinics can set the advance warning time individually and specify whether it should be about three months or even six.

easySoft provides a very transparent traffic-light system, which immediately gives me and my four colleagues a clear overview of whether someone has fulfilled all of their training requirements.
Antje Simone Haase, Head of HR Development

Managers, in particular, can use easySoft to access the training status of their employees and address those affected directly. Then, it is possible for participants to register directly via Publish. Not only does this save the HR department a considerable amount of work since seminar registrations no longer have to be received by e-mail or telephone, thereby noticeably reducing the number of incorrect registrations, but managers can also see when which employees are attending which seminar. "We achieve an exceptionally high level of transparency," says the HR manager. And that is not so easy because the SLK clinics are located at five different sites: the Klinikum am Gesundbrunnen clinic in Heilbronn, the Klinikum am Plattenwald clinic in Bad Frierichshall, the geriatric rehabilitation clinic in Brackenheim, the hospital in Möckmühl and the wholly-owned subsidiary Löwenstein clinics.

For Haase and her colleagues, transparency is also important for completely different reasons. Ultimately, the further education and training program must also function economically. "We can see which courses are going well and whether it might even be necessary to increase the offer."  Medical English is such a case because the clientele is becoming increasingly international. Other courses, however, might have too few participants. They can then be offered less frequently or the interested parties can attend external courses, which is more cost-effective.

Usually, the SLK clinics can cover the specialist courses with their own instructors. Depending on the topic, external participants may also be permitted to attend. However for management and communications topics, the clinics usually rely on external instructors, while the participants in these seminars come solely from their own ranks. In 2016, approximately 530 courses and seminars with about 7300 participants were processed using the software. "Basically, the entire organizational process is simple and, above all, very reliable," declares Ms. Haase.

This also applies to interactions with easySoft. Regular updates or upgrades with new program modules are carried out by the company's in-house IT department, and the HR manager has not heard any complaints from them. If a support call to easySoft is indeed necessary, the HR staff receive quick and competent answers.


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