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Significant Time Savings with easySoft Zollikerberg Hospital Gains Quicker Overview of Training Status

Sandra Moser appreciates all the time she has been saving since starting to manage her work and classroom schedules with software programs from easySoft. She also uses the programs to document and archive her entire learning and training processes. According to her, the person responsible for education at the Zollikerberg Hospital near Zurich, "It used to take me about 45 minutes to gather all the information about a person from various file folders. Now, it takes between five and ten minutes." Approximately 800 employees work at the private hospital with 200 beds. Every year, 30 nursing care professionals (according to Swiss qualifications), 20 qualified nurses from the higher technical college and 15 midwives are trained here.

In order to receive the most comprehensive training possible, these trainees and students rotate between different specialist fields in the hospital. In the case of midwives, this rotation takes place every ten weeks. For students, every six months and for nursing care professionals, every year. "In the past, it was easy to lose track of where the trainees and students were currently doing their practical training. Now, we have an overview of the next two years of training," says Sandra Moser. The goal is to be able to plan and visualize the entire duration of the training and scholastic activities in advance.

This is all made even more complicated because students and midwives have to complete so-called learning-training days. What was taught in theory must be put into practice with the support of coaches. Each student has to go through 22 learning-training transfer (LTT) days per semester. In this way, Sandra Moser and her colleagues know exactly what their 65 protégés are doing at any given time. With this, the department has made the change from "paper" to digital working methods. "Our work processes have become more efficient," reports Sandra Moser, "We can see immediately whether all information is present or whether documents are still missing."

Our work processes have become more efficient.
Sandra Moser

The hospital, which is run by the Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster (foundation for the social welfare organization of Neumünster), also decided to use the easySoft. Publish module about a year ago. More than 200 young people apply every year for the ten training spots to become nursing care professionals (according to Swiss qualifications). In August last year, the hospital received 180 online applications for the first time via the new module. "We indicated on our homepage that we now prefer online applications," said the training manager. Using the new software, she now coordinates the application process and, in turn, all invitations to a first interview. The time saved during the entire application process is impressive and not at all comparable to earlier.

Before finally deciding on easySoft, Ms. Moser and her colleagues had tested five other systems. In addition to the comprehensive range of modules, the software's flexibility proved to be a key factor. The software can easily be linked to teaching platforms; it was also possible to connect it to the in-house IT systems and it could be adapted to the requirements and work processes in the Zollikerberg Hospital. Two easySoft employees visited the hospital twice to configure the entire system with the hospital IT managers and to train the employees in the training department. "I was already impressed after the initial instructions and training sessions," Sandra Moser remembers. At the beginning of November, they attended the roadshow in Zurich with a few questions on their minds. Those that could not be answered immediately were clarified by specialists in St. Johann and Bretten within a week. The Zollikerberg Hospital has thus come to the verdict that: "The initial workload is considerable, but once the system is up and running, it is very efficient."



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